NTEU Chapter 73 - United We Bargin, Divided We Beg

Who We Are

Our mission: To organize federal employees to work together to ensure that every federal employee is treated with dignity and respect.
NTEU is widely known as a smart, tough organization, well-respected for its knowledge of federal employee issues. And for its determination to work with federal agencies, with Congress, and in the courts to protect, promote and expand the rights of those it represents.

Since 1938, NTEU has been driven by the principle that every federal employee should be treated with dignity and respect. In that time, NTEU has grown to represent some 150,000 bargaining unit employees in 31 federal agencies and departments.

NTEU members are represented by an experienced and professional staff in Washington, D.C., seven field offices across the nation and highly-trained, dedicated local leaders in their workplaces.


The Voice of Federal Employees

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On Capitol Hill
NTEU is leading the fight for fair pay and benefits and for laws that improve the quality of work life for federal employees. Full-time lobbyists work with NTEU leaders and members across the country to educate elected officials on federal employee issues.

At the Bargaining Table
Known for the most innovative contracts in the federal sector, NTEU's bargaining expertise is reflected in such gains as alternative work schedules, flexiplace, transit subsidies, performance awards and much more. Skilled negotiators fight for local and national agreements that advance federal employee rights and benefits.

In the Courts
NTEU has a history of establishing major legal principles and winning millions of dollars in back pay for federal workers not receiving proper compensation for overtime work. In one instance, it pursued a case for 22 years, winning special rate employees more than $178 million in back pay. In another, it won $533 million in back pay for delayed pay raises.

In the Workplace
Experienced attorneys working in offices around the country serve as the direct connection between NTEU chapters and the National Office, and represent members in grievance arbitrations, unfair labor practice hearings, and more. Highly-trained stewards work to resolve employee issues at the lowest possible level and negotiate over local changes to working conditions.

In the Media
Skilled communications specialists take the message of the importance of federal workers to the media and produce publications—both print and electronic—that keep members updated on a timely basis. At the local level, chapters keep members informed of issues via deskdrops, e-mail, web sites, newsletters, meetings and more.

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