• 2012 National Agreement II
  • Leave Tracking Sheets
  • Pathways Programs
  • Visually Impaired Employees Settlement
  • Information about Bed Bugs (**Updated**)
  • New Article 23 AWS Agreement
  • Automatic Spending Cuts/Sequester
  • TE/GE to solicit for Exam Volunteers
  • FEHB Reinstate Coverage
  • 36 Reasons to be Pro Union
  • 10 Ways to Disgruntle an Employee
  • W&I/SBSE realignment update
  • OPM Phased retirement
  • CSR Telework
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Upcoming Events

  • October Chapter Meeting
  • Fall TV Give-A-Way!!


Jackie Huff is our current Chapter President and has been elected three times to this position. Jackie has been an active member serving on the staff since 1996.